Team redcat tr-mt8e be6s - fun truck!
I like it, have been thinking about getting one myself. I don't like TRAXXAS, but I got to see a YOU TUBE VIDEO today on a dealer that used to be anti-TRAXXAS also show the new E-REVO up close and they really manned up on the upgrades and it's badass now like it should've been. How do you like the RedCat?
Love this truck. The body is awesome and I am going to get a clear one and paint. It is a blast to drive, and not too bad to work on. I have found that if you drill the rod ends a little wider the Nero adjustable links are a perfect replacement for the stock static links. Besides the skid, motor fan, and the TBone center skid that is all I have done so far.
I have heard they are nice and I am a big fan of RedCat honestly. I will be purchasing the Team Magic version if I ever decide on one .Plus the Team Magic line is much larger and much nicer .if you haven't ever checked out before, go to their website. They have quite a few badass models that aren't offered thru the REDCAT lineup
Saw a few videos and seems very heavy, the body its too flashy for my taste.

On a side note, I am a big fan of Red Cat as well, I got the Blackout Pro w truggy body and tires, upgraded GoolRc high torque brushless motor and its fun to drive. After a year of bashing still on the original differentials, just now am getting a leaky front right shock. Had a bad steering servo and ESC and REDCAT replaced it no questions asked.
@crankestein since you just brought up the GOOLRC MOTOR, I take it you like it. Did you happen to get one that's orange with the shiny ribs like a HobbyStar motor? I have been thinking about getting one of the 2000kv ones that have that appearance, usually when I run across them on eBay they are like $35, just have to wait about a month for them to be delivered from China. On a side note as well, what do you think ARRMA will REPLACE the NERO LINE UP WITH? I personally think they are going to go big and hurt TRAXXAS' feelings even worse by building and releasing a bigger, badder X-MAXX style Truck..... I sure as hell hope they do, I will be doing my damndest to get one after it's released immediately
I think will be swapping out wheels/tires, rebuild diffs with different oils, deciding which esc/motor to swap, and getting a clear body to change color.

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