Rich Duperbash

Epic Fail Backslash off huck ramp!!!

Had to share this one, Arrma or not. Decided to drag out the huck ramp I built last summer and do a few launches with my modded Backslash running 4s, CC Sidewinder 8th combo, 18/40 mod 1 gearing. Yes she caught big air. Landed first back flip, went for second higher one.....Lol.
Rich Duperbash... little late in the new year to be hanging up Christmas tree decorations. That was some awsome air. I don't know how you land those jumps wheel side down, maybe you could put a helicopter gyro on that backslash.
Nitroman2000 that's hilarious!!! Yeah the Backslash flies good, wasn't expecting to go quite that high, definitely didn't expect the ending...Lol. I've done some practice big airs with my kids 2wd, makes jumping the 4wd much easier.

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