Final Fit Side View

Final Fit Side View

BAJR Body on Kraton side view
I'd recommend dropping rear body as low as possible. My kids just cracked rear of Bajr body badly after it shoveled hard with wing into the ground. Very abusive bash session, otherwise been great body, tough as nails.
@Rich Duperbash She's sitting on top of the shock tower so that's it! I used a piece of Velcro ( the smooth part) on the top of the shock tower for some if any protection.
@72Z15SS good idea cuz stock Kraton wing seems very flexible, mine got wasted yesterday my daughter's multiple failed Backflips and hard abuse. I've switched to using 1/4 thick felt blankets self adhering right on underside of bodies at shock tower points. So far so good. Bought at Walmart for 3$ in hardware area.
@72Z15SS That was prior bash session, I'm not posting yesterdays carnage bash, just too fugly. Kraton front diff center output cup grub screw had backed out but felt tight with wrench. Tore open front diff to check, everything was fine, fortunately output fell off while tinkering, had removed motor and center shafts already so there was nothing to hold it. Had to cook thread lock off to reset grub and replace on main diff input shaft. I thought that was the problem in the vid and in garage, but got tricked cuz grub was locked up and seemed OK/tight. My Bajr body needs heavy surgery, hope I can keep her going with reinforcements.

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