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Flash update. Outcast tires rip on Kraton too! Very impressed with first full throttle 6s loose terrain test, big roosts and power wheelie's. Great hook-up. Way, way more fun!
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I was wondering how'd the go on a kraton... Pretty much the same size yeah ??
I think i'll order a set ! :-D
@typhon34 yes they are the same size, slightly heavier, huge improvement. May need to file or grind wheel hole, seems to come a tad small for hex. I used a round file, most are using a Dremel I think.
Cool... Did you change any gearing ?? Wonder if the extra grip will have an affect on any of the gears ?
@typhon34 no change, still running 16 tooth 6s, good idea to bulletproof diffs though with extra shims per Thomas P how to videos, Tp-PartsRC-Xtreme. That and heavier diff fluids front and center at least.
Ok, will check it out :)
Hows it go with the 16 tooth ? Ive still got the 12 in mine and was thinking of putting the 14 in... Only running 4s so far.
Got it at christmas time so haven't changed anything in it yet
@typhon34 I've only ever ran it with the 16 and I dig it, plenty of torque and more speed than you really need on 6s. My son and daughter drive the Kraton and Outcast both with 16 tooth on 4s, still fun. I'd run at least 16 tooth on 4s, think Warbux runs 18 and likes it. Just watch temps with a temp gun as you gear up. I get concerned after 150 motor, 140 ESC. Haven't hit those numbers yet even on 6s.
Ok cool... Will have to try the 14 out that came with it. I was talking to arrma on facebook and they reckon stick with 12 but it just feels like it want more.
Thanks mate :)
@typhon34 trust me, it does want more. Arrmas job is to keep all advice and recommendations conservative. Same across all RC brands probably. It's our job to customize to our liking, within reason of course.
Very true :)
If you don't mind me asking what are the wheels/tyres on your typhon ?
I threw some louise pioneer buggys on mine the day after i got it... They work well and were a bargin price. Just wouldnt mind something a little wider when they wear out

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