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Big brother, little brother waiting for BMX track time! Both did great, until flail landing with big air broke Big brother's rear end and bent chassis. Tower to tower brace going in with my son's custom Outcast body soon.
@72Z15SS she's been smashed twice, both with same day fixes thanks to borrowed/spare parts. Had to straighten rear chassis, replace diff case piece, wing mount, and broken rear chassis support after BMX flail. May do a thread on it later. Must use tower to tower!!!
@NITROMAN2000 yes. I removed the entire front and rear of the Kraton and put it on my ghostship Typhon chassis. Wasn't really too difficult. Rear was very easy. Front was a little more work due to steering rack, but still not difficult. I left my Kraton steering posts on Kraton chassis because I couldn't seem to get 2 screws under chassis to loosen up. Just used Typhon posts and slid Kraton steering assembly right on while swapping bushings for bearings. Kept front and rear together as one piece for swap.
@NITROMAN2000 it was easy. Used Typhon front mount, and stock Kraton rear mounts, just had to widen rear body holes with a Dremel slightly to fit right. Typhon body is noticably faster, due to weight and aerodynamics, jumped ridiculously far with no parachute effect. Only bad thing was I couldn't do a tower to tower brace unless I bored a hole through the windshield area of body. Had bad tail landing and snapped rear end and bent chassis at suspension mount. All good now....Lol. C-10 body is working great so far.

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