Steering set up issue

Steering set up issue

Installed newith savox servo. Zeroed the servo installed horn and this is how bad ithe is any suggestions. Seems like adjusting it would be alot
Is it just the pic, or is it actually just the one wheel that is way off?
Did you power up the truck prior to the new servo with the original servo?
Just curious if this is a post mod symptom...
The servo would not do this...looks like one of the steering rods is way to long.
Is there a lot of visible threading on the link that is so badly skewed? If so, I would screw it on to the steering knuckle on the hub a good 1/4 inch more...or a few turns at either end as both ends of the link have threading if I'm not mistaken.

One of my buddies bought an Outcast also, and the first time he powered up the alignment was WAY off...both wheels skewed to the same side. Needed to apply almost full trim to get them aligned. His servo gear would not set at a perfect 90 deg in the neutral position...but not so much to cause the degree of error that existed. Clearly the rod length was not adjusted correctly at the factory. He contacted Hobbico and they told him to adjust steering links/knuckles.
Pain in the arse.
These trucks for the price we pay should come straight, or just about nearly so out of the box.
Arrma needs to step up the QC I think.
@Buck thanks and yes it was an easy fix. At first it seemed like it was so far off. The tie rods seem to be threaded the same. But I did change shock.locations and droop settings. So I just needed to adjust tie rods and camber a little all good now.
I see, good to hear it worked out in the end!
Where is the droop screw, chassis end or hub end?
Did you adjust for less droop?
I was thinking about doing that on the front end of the Outcast so as to prevent it from bottoming out.

*EDIT* - Ok I figured out where they are!
Read a few articles on it.
So what did you do to your droop (lol, sounds funny).
Seems to affect weight distribution in acceleration and deceleration and power on/off traction in turns (as well as bumpy terrain handling characteristics).
Did you go for less droop front and rear, or more?
Droop is all about getting traction, in front or rear more, but it does help with stance also, it is located towards the diff on the lower arm, I back mine out, try to get the truck to sit level, I mainly Bash so I want more travel for the Suspension.
@BasherBrink21 can you take a pic of your truck now that you backed them out?
I notice with my new springs, I have like 1-2 mm of droop and that's it!
I don't think it's enough...
Other question I wanted to ask you...did you take the wheels off to adjust the link, or just use a wrench with the wheels on and turn the middle joint a few times?
One of my wheels needs slight toe in... wondering if I can do a quarter turn at the joint in the middle, or if I need to remove the wheel and screw the knuckle at the wheel end.

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