Typhon on Road !!

Typhon on Road !!

Grabbed some cheep road tires and had a crack at the local track ! First time ever !
Good fun. Has any one got any tips on set up and how I can beat the seasoned on road boys :) I wasn’t real fast !!
Set your drag brake so that it brakes for you, when you let off the throttle. that way you aren't slamming the brakes in the corners. Easier to keep traction.
@typhon34 Just got a set of Louise Rockets from the LHS. Too easy cash :D $50 and the miss won’t know :p there soft but grippy. I may need to go a bit harder for Drifting around the corners c how I go !!
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I don't use the Drag brake at all for bashing. When I let go of the throttle I am in full neutral. It'll take 50 yards to comes to a stop, if I let it. I am not an expert, and am just offering my thoughts on the subject.....BUT, for beginning road racing I would think that using the drag brake would allow you to slow down, prior to the turn, and easily accelerate out of it. Gling from full throttle to full brake to full throttle is going to break traction for almost all of us. Getting that timed with a turn correctly is tough to do. For real I learned this idea from the new PS4 Game Gran Turismo Sport. And if you have not played this yet, OMG it's super bad A$$
@typhon34 sure is :p !! No not heaps of ballooning. I’m actually pretty impressed with the tires. There soft compound so not much drifting but plenty of grip :D
@typhon34 blew one off the rim today :D ah well looks like I’ll b grabbing some GRP’s. Found a good place to get them.
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