jennys rc

  1. jondilly1974

    QC issues at Jenny's RC

    I've been having issues with QC at JRC lately. Anyone else having issues? I ordered a set of towers for my Granite and received a motor mount. I ordered 4S driveshafts and received three inner and five outer shafts. I ordered a lot of Kraton 4S parts and received Granite parts instead. I...
  2. Notorious J

    JENNYS RC - first come first served - Arrma Forum style

    Thought I'd start a thread for those of us who are scoping those new stock parts from Jennys. I figure our forum deserves first dibs when they crack open a kit. Since many of us check it everyday, it'd be a great service if you could mention when a new Arrma kit gets cracked. I just had a look...