1. PXL_20210318_225416603._exported_133_1616111574532.jpg


    Old big rock with new body
  2. Rasburry

    Big Rock Decided to get an airbrush and change my big rock to a baja

    This is my first attempt at doing any sort of custom airbrushing, don't look too close ;). I learned a lot but really enjoyed it and am super happy with how it turned out.
  3. Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    Pro-Line Badlands MX Mach 10s

    So much better (and cheaper?!) than the stock 2HOs
  4. Felony rally front end

    Felony rally front end
  5. Felony rally rear end

    Felony rally rear end
  6. Yas

    Felony Arrma Felony rally car with light kit ?

    I finally put everything together for the rally build... I've given it a quick shakedown but I'm waiting for the roads to dry before I open it up ? The light kit is the party piece. The headlights have 3 brightness settings and are extremely bright. I set the rear halo lights as...
  7. Yas

    Mojave Mojave SC scale wheels and tyres! What are the options?

    Despite the price ? I've ordered the Mojave EXB (whoopsie) and I've been looking at similar sized short course wheels and tyres that I can try with it, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of choices. So far, the ones that have caught my eye are Pro-Line's rock crawling/racing tyres. However, I...
  8. Morning 4s bash

    Morning 4s bash

    All the time in the world at the mo for bashes and rebuilds ? Pro-Line shockwaves for high speed drifts on damp grass ? 100/500/30k F/C/R diff oil weights ?️
  9. Morning 4s garden bash

    Morning 4s garden bash

    All the time in the world at the mo for bashes and rebuilds ? Pro-Line shockwaves for high speed drifts on damp grass ? 100/500/30k F/C/R diff oil weights ?️
  10. IMG_20200316_141150~2.jpg


    Afternoon test run of the new shockwaves, they lived up to expectations
  11. IMG_20200314_223818~3.jpg


    New boots
  12. W

    Senton Senton Mega Shocks Alternatives

    Hello, I read online that the Typhon 6S shocks are the best upgrade for the Mega/3s senton, they are sold out everywhere tho so I’m looking at alternatives... I found the pro line power stroke but they’re so expensive
  13. dillon_mitko

    My post Christmas big rock build!!

    So I started off in April with m first ever brushless rc truck... the big rock 3s. Here’s everything I’ve done to it since. If anyone would like to calculate how much money has been put into this thing it would be appreciated as I’m kind of curious but forgot some of the prices? in no particular...
  14. Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... ?

    Granite voltage 2wd blx overhaul... ?

  15. BLX Matt

    Kraton Pays to be a Traxxas man????

    Ok boys calm down chill out I’m not saying I’m a Traxxas guy ,,,,, IM ARRMA TOUGH FOR LIFE BABY!!! On a typical day I see two to three parts I would purchase for my kraton , talion, or big rock 3s now unless those parts say arrma on them I have to have a drill and two other tools to get them to...
  16. V1p3r_83

    Granite Pro-Line Upgrades

    Added some new wheels and shocks. Went with pre-mounted Trenchers (Had to use 15mm Hub Spacers to make sure they didn't rub the steering links) and Pro-Line (6063-00) Power Stroke Shocks (waiting on the mount kit (6063-05) to maker the tops fit tighter. Next up is a Castle creations 1406-5700BL...
  17. BA84C03C-CF75-43FF-A5E4-2E2057C2079E.jpeg


    Looking deisel
  18. F7D6A972-8857-4217-A79C-7333799FED4A.jpeg


    3.8 trenchers on the green machine
  19. Pilotguy90

    Pro-line badlands mx38 nasty wheel hop

    Hey guys I am new to the performance rc hobby and bought an Kraton all was well after a while I wanted more traction got some stiffer center diff oil the e-revo 20 mill and that really livened up the Kraton. Noticed the stock Kraton tires were getting worn out and had popped a couple of beads...
  20. ttguil

    Trenchers on Talion

    Any thoughts on Pro-Line Trencher X 3.8" MT Mtd Desp 17mm F/R on my Talion. I bought these monsters by mistake. Not sure if they will even work without any modifications.