1. H

    Vorteks Arrma vorteks reverse problem

    Hello. Hope anyone here can help me. I have just replaced the motor in my arrma vorteks 3s rc car. When i went to try it out its been acting weird when reversing. It suddenly turn left and sometimes accelerate fast when reversing. This only happens when the avc is on and only when reversing...
  2. ares87

    Kraton Reverse gear and brake issues

    Hello everyone, this week I bought Kraton 6S, this is my first ARRMA RC Car, but unfortunately I noticed a problem with reverse gear and the brake. After I press the throttle, I can't always brake the car and when the car is stopped, the reverse gear it does not always operate, I have to press...
  3. R

    Kraton My Kraton has lost reverse

    Ok..last outing my kraton was running but lost reverse..i was told to bind the receiver..started the process..pushed and held the bind button..turned car on..receiver blinked once..turned transmitter on .. but led never started blinking..instead the esc started flashing red and i lost throttle...
  4. D

    Fazon ESC doesn't reverse

    Does anybody know why I'm not getting reverse. Only throttle. Also my fan on my fazon is really loud

    Outcast Reverse is just savage

    Hi all, is it just me or is reverse on these trucks extremely punchy ? 4s and 6s both seem to be savage, no fineese at all
  6. S

    Typhon Help, Typhon launches in reverse

    Hey guys just got a new Typhon and having a issue when car is on if i turn off the transmitter it launches in reverse turn transmitter on it stop do i have something setup wrong ?thanks
  7. K

    Getting Senton to go in reverse

    I'm having some problems getting the new Senton to go in reverse. It works intermittently. Any tuning tips? Thanks

    No reverse on my Fury BLS

    So i have the battery set to NiMh, and it looks like its going ok, but i don't have reverse. Can anyone help me ASAP
  9. andrewking00

    Reverse steering shake / wobble >>

    Hello, New Granite Mega steering wobble when reversing. Any ideas what could be the culprit? Is this just the nature of the front end? Thanks! Andrew