1. S

    Granite Choices

    Alright guys I am definitely addicted to RCs now and am looking for more than I think the voltage I bought can give me. Looking for input on the BRCC Granite BLX or the OutKast 4s. I plan on keeping my voltage for runs with my son because we both have them but I’m wanting more. Ahhhhh I should...
  2. W

    Tire Suggestions

    I have a new Arrma Granite BLX and i run SPC 2S LIPO. It seems to grab with one tire and spin more making a crooked wheelie and it spins out sideways alot. Do i need to tighten the slipper clutch? I was looking for a new set of tires and i like the Badlands MX28 2.8 inch tires. Would these be...
  3. chevys10zr2003

    1/16 scale

    I'm currently in the market for a 1/16th scale 4wd truck. I have it narrowed down to four that I am considering but am open to suggestions. I am considering the Axial Yeti Jr. Score Trophy Truck, Axial Yeti Jr. Rock Racer, Traxxas Slash or Traxxas E Revo. Whatever one I get will be brushless or...