1. Chipz

    Kraton 6s Upgraded to 4s??

    Hey all, I brought a Kraton V1 and it running a Hobby wing XeRun XR8 Plus esc with Tekin T8 g2 2250kv on 4S, 16P/50S gears, 75kph. The Xr8 is 6s compatible but the Tekin T8 is only 4s recommended. So my question is why would some one pull the 6s system and install a 4s set-up??? Pros/Cons...
  2. itsachevy

    death of a tekin

    well today I finally killed my tekin t8 2650. I was playin with the mamba max x esc turning the brake up. went to go test the brakes on the hill they worked perfect ( lol ) went to the drive the car back to me and it completely stopped moving. went inside and took the motor apart and there was...