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Just Bought one today and ran the first battery through it, already ripping rubber from the body and enough tumbles I know the breakage is sooner than later!

Not into a rush to upgrade, but would love recommendations that i can look into and do as I break this bit by bit.
As I bought mine another basher warned me the granite is a wheelie monster and he fixed it with Typhon arms to widen the stance, though did say to skip the aluminum arms as now he breaks entire wheels off instead of minor parts.

As I've started to read through builds here i notice many say the stock wheels are chewed through quickly so any wisdom on that front im all ears. Between the park, the yard and the farm I'll be nearly all in fields and dirt and leave piles.

I know for the basic parts Jenny's is a great resource for my granite but i don't see many parts for my sons Typhon Mega, am i stuck with Horizon and Amazon for that one?
It will still wheelie with Typhon Arms and Links but be a bit more stable and less tippy. It will help with tires shredding on the body as well but you can also just trim the existing body to remedy that.

If the Typhon Mega is a V3 then the only difference between a 3S BLX is:

*Fixed vs. Adjustable Links
*Slipper clutch assembly (48P vs better design and 32P gear)
*Motor housing (plastic vs metal/plastic)
*Bodies are slightly different
*Brushed vs Brushless

Def skip metal and RPM arms, not worth the hassle.
Rpm arms? is that brand or material
Took it out to a large field today and yeah definetly need to work on something for the wheelies, wide turns fix the flipping issue but for the most part kept the throttle at 50% cause full bore even at 75% i was wheely-ing and at 100% it likes to do backflips, Any handling tips to reccomend but otherwise need to find how to keep the wheels on the ground when i need em to be! lol
Had it out today and blew a tire, some rough bashing around ive ripped or lost some of the clip dangles, and craxked the body. Time to order some parts!

Any suggestions on tires? Prob gonna do the upgrade to 17mm hexes for some bigger tires

Look at it!




Have made some changes to it all together since last post, few weeks ago my son drove it into drainage ditch with like a 20ft drop into water and thay turned the body inside out basically. Thankfully where it landed left only the body in water but damn was it broke.

So bought a body and painted it up with some spray traxxas i got from the LHS. Wanted metal flake eith a blue to black fade unfortunately didnt come out that way but i do really like how it came out. Purple and shiny. Just a bit too much flake tho. Shoulda been waaaay lighter eith that or atleast did first light layer of color then had a layer. That blue was alot more transparent then i woulda thought, 6-7 coats and still see through and then when i added the black cover it turned that purple color.

Also added the wing cause wheelie-mobile that it is waa already trashing the old body before kiddo full sent it. Good hand hold too while it protects that body.

Since ive gotten the truck i also swapped to the proline badlanss tires. Happy eith the rims and the tires do great but i do wish they looked better. I had some trenchers i bought to but that were like driving on ice. Sliding every where amd no traction on basically any ground i got get it on.

Swapped rear diff gear to 20k and front to 12.5 to help stabilize the truck.

Swapped the steering servo to a waterproof 32kg oneAmazon special eith an Aluminum servo saver. Thought i was getting understeer but still acting like it but idk its prob all the slack in the steering links and im not sure the best way to solve it.

so far really liking this truck and damn its addicting ordering parts.

I need to uograde the bearings cause i drive in water too much to let it keep goijg without getting sealed ones.

Low speed it also clacks abit any ideas on that?
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