Brand New Granite BLX Steering Issue

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I just received my new Granite BLX yesterday. I took it out for the 1st ride today and noticed a steering problem right away.

If I set the ST Trim to the default location on the Transmitter the wheels are pointed greatly to the right. The only way to get to somewhat in the middle is to turn the ST Trim all the way in one direction. However, in doing this there is still a huge pull to the right when driving the truck.

Is there any fixes for this?

Open it up to get access to the steering servo and pull it out enough that you can remove the servo horn from the servo itself.

Once the servo horn is removed from the servo, plug a battery into the truck, center your steering trim and turn your radio on, then turn the truck on. This will center the servo.

Re-attach the servo horn so that the wheels are in the neutral position, then put everything back together.

You'll probably still need to trim it a little bit afterwards, but not all the way to the knob's stop. Might also want to check the turnbuckles on your steering linkage to make sure they're at the correct length. Should be somewhere in the manual.
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