Fifth scale rc from arrma rc

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Arrma RC's
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a good friend of mine knows someone who works for Hobbico and they said arrma rc is in the process of designing and building a fifth scale rc. supposedly it will be similar to the arrma talion but in 1/5th scale form and also brushless - not gas powered.

have you guys heard anything about this yet?
It would also surprise me.
I am also not sure what Arrma is aiming for in the near future as a brand.

Originally it was intended to provide affordable, good quality and durable RC cars for the novice, first time RC.

With the 1/8 scale 4x4's this is changing I guess.

Pricewise a 1/5 scale electric model is very expensive compared with the gas powered versions. The drive-train is very expensive, but do not forget the investment in lipo's it would take. With 6S you are only halfway... about a 400$ battery. I seen some 5th scales with 6s and they seem underpowered.... if someone was serious they would need 12s..... gosh cant believe how damn expensive that would be.... lets count...near
$1000 truck
$400 battery
$500 esc motor combo....

those would be all in the first couple months... then like
$250 shocks
$150 tires
And sooooo on..... plus anytime you break it would be like 2x as much....

Cant imagine arrma going in that direction...
Or, if they might do the Raider XL trick with this car: Based on a 1/8scale platform with longer wishbones etcetera!?

It could be possible to make a 1/5 scale buggy this way.

That said, from 1/10 to 1/8 is a smaller step than from 1/8 to 1/5...
Perhaps they would do this under their Team Durango brand? Build on their 1/8 nitro DNX8 platform (which would then become the DNX5 I guess?).
Most guys who have a 1/8th scale already have a 4s battery... So really, all you would need is another 4s battery to make the truck run on 8s. Which is more than enough power for a 1/5th.
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