WTB Good Tough Basher

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I hear the Team Associated MT10 is one of the most durable around with RPM arms.
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Big jumps not bouncy on landings… Not a fan of the wings always breaking so i would have to put a truck body on a winged vehicle…

Was happy with the Traxxas Maxx just bottomed out entirely too easy. The Outcast, Notorious, Kraton wings always breaking bothered me… Granite, Big Rock and Hoss too bouncy on landings… Tekno MT410 wasn’t bad… The XRT I had same issues with wing actually thought about X-Maxx but haven’t had one…
The TA Rival MT10 sounds like it’s recommended by many people and reasonably priced too. Is it bouncy on landings?
The Outcast, Notorious, Kraton wings always breaking bothered me
Sounds like you would be a good candidate for a 6s Arrma Outcast, Notorious, or Kraton with a substitute body to get rid of the wing. They are fast and heavy and land without the bounce. I am waiting on a Basher Bodies truck body right now to do such a conversion to one of my Outcasts. The 6s series is hard to beat for bashing.
You can adjust your suspension to reduce bounce on landings.

Shock oil, springs, piston size, tires.. Even driving style and throttle control on landing can make a difference. I know a lot of RC'ers on the forum that spend a lot of time to dial the suspension in.

Good luck 👍