Kraton Cage Body

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Sorry I’m new to the RC scene and tried reading some older threads and they were mainly Talion. Was wondering if anyone was running a cage body style Kraton or knows what I’d need to get to run the Reely Raptor setup on a Kraton?

Would an Axial Yeti XL body possibly work?
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Welcome to the forum! I’ve seen threads on this before, keep searching. If I were going to do it I’d choose a donor cage from a model with similar dimensions and fab it up. Keep us posted, sounds like a fun project!
Welcome aboard! Don’t be afraid to just pick up some 3/16” nylon rods and go full custom! Heat and bend, get a cheap plastic welder for the gussets, build your dream. 🤔 it’s almost like I thought this through already for a future project, except with 1/4” rod…..
Yeah I’m sure you can use a kraton
Body would just sit a little higher

Here’s a couple rigs I built using the dr8 / reely body on Talion chassis and towers

These body posts will work
Rear will need a little modification
Front no mod



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