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Does anyone know if these are any good for the Kraton? I can get a set of 4 fairly cheap locally but just wondered if anyone has used them on grass and gravel and what yuz think of them?

I'm gonna get em anyway even if I wreck em in a few runs...

they look a lot like proline bad lands, that said. they rock in grass and gravel and dirt and just about anything you throw at them. only other tire I have found with the grip are mudsliners. hopefully this helps
Eh, if the hex fits run em. Height should be OK, they'll just be narrow

The tyre height made the car too slow and it was just boring to drive. I am gonna stick with150mm wheels. Also, these wheels look so pox on the Kraton that they make me wanna spew. Look at these ugly things. I am trying to get Pro-line badlands or trenchers but all the local stockists have sold out.
I use those as my speed wheels. I beat a hpi vorzens on concrete. Great speed tires on concrete
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