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Since my UP100AC charger lets me discharge & balance charge and see the total measured capacity (both from a charge or a discharge) I've kept notes on actual measured capacity vs. rated capacity. I just thought I would share them here. As I come across (or borrow from friends/family) more batteries I'll update this post, obviously if you have the same type of info feel free to add to this thread!

New packs were cycled 3 times before obtaining results, all charges were done to 4.20v TVC using a C/2 charge (2.5A on a 5000mAh pack for example). Keep in mind the amount of time a pack was on a shelf (age), number of cycles on a used pack, and manufacturing tolerances - can all have an impact on the results so these should be taken with a grain of salt, as ymmv.

This is an example of the final cycle on charging the gensacearespammers 6S:

Battery            Cells    C-Rate    New/Used            Rated        Measured
Rage RC            2S        30C        New                5200mAh        4910mAh
gensacearespammers           2S        50C        New                5000mAh        5113mAh
Venom              2S        25C        New                5000mAh        4992mAh
Venom              2S        35C        New                10000mAh       9420mAh
Traxxas            3S        25C        Used (15 cycles)   5000mAh        4637mAh
Glacier            4S        55C        New                5000mAh        5370mAh
gensacearespammers           4S        50C        New                5000mAh        5282mAh
gensacearespammers (soft)    6S        45C        New                5000mAh        5617mAh

I hope to be able to test some SMC or SPC batteries in the future, one thing I notice is that the more expensive brands (Glacier & gensacearespammers) seem to under-rate the capacity so its a bit of a "you get what you pay for" situation. Trying to save money on batteries is something I wouldn't recommend...
The SPC 2s 5000 mah packs we have typically charge to a bit over 5100. On their website, they state this in the description, and on the 3 we have, this has proven true. I've never documented anything on it though.
If anyone repeats this procedure (full discharge to 3.2v/cell, full charge to 4.2v TVC @ C/2 rate) and wants to send me their battery info and results - please PM to me and I'll add to the chart above
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