Senton Side-cage screws not long enough (picture attached), need to be upgraded

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Hi all,

I bought a used muddy Senton, and took it apart to learn about, and of course clean the parts. In putting it back together, i referred to the manual. I came across an issue where the correct screws for the side cages are only 12mm long, but they need to be 20mm long to correctly hold what they are supposed to (see below pic). I have the V1 Senton. I just checked the Senton V1 and V2 manual and they both show the same 12mm screws. I've ordered longer screws to replace the current ones, as i don't want those side cages breaking off, and taking the sidewall with it!

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Thanks, i'll check it out as i'm putting it back together again, which i still haven't done yet after one month!
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