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Darren Wes

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St. Louis
Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
This is my very first build of an rc I wanted an rc that could go 40mph do wheelies all day could jump real well and look cartoonishly scale.

Really didn't want to spend much...Found the arrma granite and ecx 10 scale monster. Was a pretty simple decision

First I made the body spent like 3 late nights cutting hand painting the black and spraying it yellow plus stickers

Drove it for like 3 month and blew up a motor

Decided to make it fast next... Put in a new esc and motor and battery

Then I started throwing dogbones. Sent it in To arrma (after making it look stock again)

After I got it back it was still wanting to throw bones. So I got longer bones

Worked for a couple weeks...then didn't

Quit life didn't care anymore...

Waited to see what folks were doing for Like 4 t 5 months about there dogbone issues

Seen somone use team associated parts didn't seem like it was gonna work

Told the build idea to an rc buddy with 100s of cars...said do it

Rebuilt everything

Was working amazing

Then I started blowing shocks...said the heck with it and bought titanium shock

No more issues

Parts list of the blown bus

120a hobbywing waterproof esc
3800kv rocket racing brushless
3s 4000mah venom battery
10a castle bec
Tatic 45x servo
Arrma rx/tx
Integy heat sink
Yeah racing motor fan
Proline trenchers
Fast eddy bearings
Traxxas slash 2wd ultra shocks
50wt shock oil
Duratrax 4in body posts
Parma .6 lexan bus body
100k diff oil
Team associated :B4 diff outdrive B4 cva
B4 bearing carrier
B4 locking wheel hex

This isn't by any means the fastest rc... it isn't the farthest jumper.... It isn't the most scale

What this guy does is make smiles happen... Every time I run it around

Thanks to this forum I have a great working rc that I love to show off
Lol was wonderinv why teachers pet now i know why
Cool looking school bus man
Whered you get the bus body
Got it on Amazon for about 22bucks...made by parma Inc. Single handley the best body I ever bought...its about 2x as thick as any other body. It has taken over 50 hours of abuse and doesn't have 1 crack

The .6in thick lexan and this being a light 10 scale makes it so the bus is more like a tank
Thanks you guys for the compliments.
Nice man awesome rig
Do you know if they have the flat nose buses
I cant find any of those

Wanted to copy our hawaii city buses lol
Nice man awesome rig
Do you know if they have the flat nose buses
I cant find any of those

Wanted to copy our hawaii city buses lol
No I believe if you wanna find a real thick body like mine there are only like 5 choices a Ford a bus a fire engine a Chevy and maybe a "digger" body

However, my friends will just use about any rc body they find for their rc trucks...lotta old new bright and nikko stuff and repurpose the bodies.

Can't say much for strength but if there is a body you really like to have your rc emulate find one clean it carefully make holes.... It may not really work for driving but that's the downfall

Personally want a delorean body but only so many were ever made so they are kinda rare....Also a grave digger one as well...but I need a car worthy of the name first

I know they are out there....seen them before
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