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I'm looking for the big 1/6 scale New Bright HummVee H1. NOT the H2 that's out now.
I don't need it to work, I don't need the radio or anything else. I don't care what's scratched or broken.
If you have one kicking around in the closet or the garage, I'll take it. Let me know how much you want. Shipping will probably be about another $20.

Thanks, mrbelloso but I've already come across that one. It's not the body I'm looking for. It's poorly detailed one piece plastic, doesn't even have window openings. It comes complete with antiquated running gear that I don't need and he expects to get over $40 to ship it.
You can try some of the hardbody groups on Facebook, but most I've seen sell in those groups go for $90 and up shipped
Sorry didn't realize someone replied to an old thread
Missed this thread for a while. That yellow thing is an H2 "Soccer mom" car. I recently found the H1 body I was looking for and it's well on it's way to being a slant back battle wagon.
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