Rich Duperbash


Skinny or thick? You pick. Thank you Kenny Morrillo of Voltage Hobbies for a stunning and brilliant design of your new shock towers. Flawless work of art. May sleep with her tonight...Lol.
Looks mad !! Keep us updated on how you go with them. Always good to have a guinea pig ! Lol !
Let Andy D loose on em ha ha !
@Camo heck yeah brother, him and Angie D will be the real durability test...Lol. Forget Dad getting launched, the kids do the real carnage, even on 3s!!!
@Mikuri no problem. In the hand, stock feels like regular stamped aluminum, Voltage Hobbies feels like solid, high grade, perfectly machined for the task upgrade. I've had problems with bent towers, pretty certain this will help.
No need for a guinea pig here. That's a solid part right there. Pulled the trigger as soon as I saw the comparison. Dang it I just found the mysterious "click" after completely disassembling and reassembling the font end. Last night I installed the new body mounts, and the new body. Friggin looks mean. Now next weekend will be spent swapping out the stockers for the new Voltage Towers!!!! Can't wait.
Cracked gear box. All I swapped was the plastic gear box, and there is no click. All the same diff, bearings and crown gear, but no click. I figured if it was still there I was just going to run it until it something failed big. Then I would know what to fix. I hate looking for the problem.

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