Kraton maintenance complete

Kraton maintenance complete

Bought 4x9x1mm nylon washers from amazon to shim the suspension arms. Added steel washers to the pillow ball mounts on the control arms. 100wt oil in the front shocks 3/4 80wt 1/4 90wt in the rear shocks. 100k oil front diff 500k center and about 50/50 50k and 100k rear diff. Needs better springs
Good feeling all three diffs done!! Time to beat her !
How many packs do you put though her before you change the diff oil ??
@disturbedfuel15 - Yes, 50% 50K and 50% 100k would mix to 75K. The math gets tougher when you are using 80k and 500K, but there are online Solution/proportion calculators that can help. I actually used about 75% 100k and 25% 30wt silicone shock fluid. Since 30 Wt is almost 0k, for these purposes, I figured I ended up somewhere around 66K for the rear diff. It was either that or use 100K 80K or 500K.
@Camo I go by feel like everything else I do. When it starts to feel like the silicone fluid is breaking down I change it. I've got about 4 months on the Senton and I run my trucks almost everyday.
Cool, thanks for the info. I did not know if it was like mixing oil and water (they will never mix because of their different densities and their molecules are more attracted to themselves than to each other). This is good news, because you could theoretically save quite a bit of money if you need a weight in between two weights you have laying around.

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