Robinson !

Robinson !

Got my hands on the RR 16 tooth dropped her straight in. Haven't ever hooked up a battery yet. Go Hard !!! Strainge they give u a 14 as an upgrade ?
@Camo not yet, but summer is almost here so we'll see. My area gets 100-110F sometimes 115 so we'll see. My butt probably won't bash in the dead heat of the day anyway...Lol. Mornings in the summer or late evening maybe.
@Camo @Rich Duperbash I run a 16t in my Kraton stock gear oils, and a 21t in my Senton 10k front 100k center and 7k rear oils and Vinnie runs a 16t in his Nero we don't have too much heat issues. If were really beating the day lights out of them the motors get warm. My Kraton gets the warmest of any of them I have to stop after 20-30 minutes of serious bashing and let the motor cool down a bit. Check out advantage racing products gears too. They're the best I've used yet. I use Robinson too but the advantage ones are hardened lightened spring steel they're tough as hell.
@Dark_RC_Corpses I check out advantage for sure they sound good. Thanks for the heads up !!!
That red thread locker never gets any easier :mad: Had to heat it big time with the soldering iron to get the pinion off !!
@Camo we have micro torches and I have a hot air station for SMD rework that thing is a life saver. Pro tip from an industrial mechanic if you want to seat a set screw with no loctite tighten it 1/2 tight back it off go 3/4 tight back off and go full torque this should score the shaft just enough and properly stretch the threads so it won't come loose on its own and isn't a female dog to get off because of the loctite. I've been a maintenance mechanic for going on 12 years and a machinist for almost 10 prior to that and have only used loctite a small hand full of times in my tenure in the trade. Also they are absolute quality. I got both odd and even for a set of 12-20t we all use them now. Like I said I still use Robinson they are also very high quality.
Can't go wrong with RRP stuff. I use all sorts of the pinions they offer with zero failure. But I've never used an RRP pinion on any of my Arrma stuff yet. My Arrma pinions are holding up pretty good. But I'm a bit OCD on gear mesh...I probably set the mesh 3-4 times before I lock it down so maybe thats why the Arrma pinions are holding up. But I'll be using RRP when they break! Also, I run a 16t and it's a great blend of speed and torque!
May I ask you guys, does anybody need to loctite there motor screws. Haven't heard much of this,but seen in a video.

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