1/8 scale

  1. JDarby05

    For Sale Arrma 6s EXB w/ $3.5k invested into it. Priced to sell (6 charges ran)

    Arrma Kraton 6s EXB w/ tons of upgrades Pictures are right after my last bash(haven’t had time to clean it yet) Also included pictures of when I bought it and started building it. And parts and upgrades etc. (more picture w/ request) Over $3.5k invested into this setup (I’ll add a comment...
  2. GiantNinja

    Kraton Kraton exb 1/8 6s driveshaft upgrade options?

    Does anyone know if there are any driveshaft upgrades (specifically the front) that are of the CV splined type for the 1/8 scale kraton exb 6s? Basically looking to see if there's an upgrade like this one from hot racing for 1/10 scale trucks ATF288RC High Performance Cv Splined Driveshafts...
  3. KAITvsk Racing

    Roll Center. 1/8 Buggy

    Hello! How to configure 1/8 Buggy roll center? When cornering on the track, one side of the car tilts too much and driving is uncomfortable. The text continues after the image Youtubes have a lot of videos on it, but I haven't received a good answer what to configure if such a thing is? I...
  4. S

    Kraton Question - Does a pinion gear come with the Kraton EXB 1/8?

    Hi All, I'm new to the hobby and decided to build my own Kraton EXB 1/8 After watching the reviews and unboxing of the product I see there is a pinion gear that I'm supposed to attach to the motor. However, I have opened two supposedly new Kraton EXB 1/8 and found no pinion gear inside. I'm...
  5. Fullout

    Kraton 6s v5 (newbie here)

    So I recently bought a Kraton 6s v5 and boy oh boy is she everything I could have wanted and then some! After 4 cycles on the spektrum smart 6s 100c lipos I killed the stock servo.. might have been cause I never calibrated it with the slt3 receiver and just ran it out of the box. Ended up...
  6. DVM-Fazon 002.jpg

    DVM-Fazon 002.jpg

    The Fazon got new street racing shoes - Sweep Racing Road Crusher Belted WHD
  7. kyoto

    Arrma 6s beadlocks

    Anyone know of 1/8 monster truck wheel beadlocks that look close to the ones on the Arrma kraton 8s? don't wanna do a hub conversion and get the 1/5 wheels since it will had more rational mass and put more stress on the drivetrain
  8. M

    SOLD / FOUND Sold to the cool cat in ct.

    I have a brand new arrma kraton 6s v4 blue for sale. 9312392070 or email [email protected] $450
  9. tcolar

    Raider Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? alternatives?

    TLDR: Is the Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? Are there any good alternatives 1/8 for under 300$ RTR ? (no battery is fine, I have some) I currently own a 1/16 Traxxas Slash, It’s pretty fun but I d like something a lot Larger that I can use on a lot more terrains, hence looking for a...
  10. travis328

    Possible new aftermarket ESC

    I'm just curious if anyone has tried some of the new hobbywing 1/8th esc offerings in any of their 1/8th scale Arrma vehicles? I was looking at the ezrun 150a, the hobbywing XR8, and the hobbywing max8. They all look very nice, but have approximately a $50 (Canadian) price difference between...