1. D

    How to Configure Nero Diff Brain With Hacked Flysky TX (GT3B or GT3C)

    Hey guys, I made a video that goes over how to make a Hacked Flysky Radio work with a Diff Brain equipped Nero/Big Rock/Fazon. It should have all the settings to allow you to individually control each diff lock. Also leaves space for extra channels to fill up with whatever you want (Light bar...
  2. Uguessedit

    Can i use a Flysky it4 on arrma nero With diff brain possible?

    Hey guys i bought two neros this week without diff brain and wanting to convert one of the trucks. Trucks were $550 NIB shipped so i couldnt pass up the deal. The 3 diff servo kits and diff brain will cost $96 shipped for the one truck i want to convert. The other i will leave be. I am wondering...
  3. MSgt

    Flysky Radio opinions

    Any opinions on this radio setup? Just a few dollars more than the stock Arrma receiver for my 2014 models, and extra receivers are typically less than $20 a pair. Radio set...
  4. YZFR1


    I needed a new receiver to work with my OEM Arrma transmitter (ATX100) -- found out that the Axial AX-3 is identical, and evidently both transmitters are made by Flysky. So I ordered up an $8 Flysky receiver on Amazon...