skid plate

  1. Archie21t

    Infraction Arrma Infraction Titanium Wheels

    I'm looking to make titanium wheels for my Infraction. I was wondering if anyone had any reasons not to? I am going to be machining exact replicas of the current wheel just it will be made out of titanium. I am doing this because I'm just not getting enough sparks from my small skid plates and...
  2. Pageracing

    SOLD / FOUND Hot Racing center diff cover, GDS aluminum center diff mount, Hot Racing center diff spools, Tbone roll cage and front bumper/skid

    EDIT: HR center cover is SOLD. Still have motor mount and front diff mount. Stock motor mount with a gds center mount and a hot racing center diff cover for sale. All used in good shape. $12 take gds aluminum front diff mount. Tbone body roll cage and front bumper/skid. Good shape. (roll...
  3. S

    Typhon Typhon 550 skid plates

    So I was pretty dumb and got the typhon 550 3 days ago I know should have got the v3 or 6s. But the skid plates are already beat up was wondering if anyone makes metal ones? A full metal chassis would be nice but can't find one. Tbone racing seems to be sold out of everything but the 6s.
  4. Ripmax

    Kraton Rpm rear skid plate 81442

    Hi does anyone know if the rpm81442 rear skid plate fits the kraton 6s v4, mines using ar310854 gearbox but rpm say its use is for ar310427 gearbox. Thanks if anyone can help.
  5. JMS RC

    T-Bone Racing Bumper/Skid

    Decided i needed a rear bumper for my Talion V3, been reading that T-Bone holds up better if you put a washer or something between the chassi plate and the bumper. Since i could'nt find a rear bumper for the Talion (here in sweden) and since i did'nt know exactly what would fit I ordered a 10017...
  6. Oscar16

    Senton Looking for Lower SkidPlates

    Urgent, broke my skid plates and cannot find any in stock. any ideas of where should I look?
  7. Richman

    Senton My new Skidplates

    :D I am happy. I've found finally skidplates for my Senton. They are from a private supplier at Ebay an I have paid 20 euros including screws and shipping. I find them really cool and my Senton is a bit more protected.
  8. Mr.mark057

    Kraton RPM Front Bumper & Skid Plates

    Just installed the RPM front bumper and skid plates. Nice!
  9. Outcaster

    Outcast Installed the RPM Front bumper/skid plate & rear skid plate on Outcast

    Just picked up my RPM order from the LHS today. Here are some pics of the front bumper and rear skid plate installed on the Outcast for anyone interested in how they look. I personally really like the look on the truck, they fit great, clean look, seem strong. Should provide good protection...
  10. WoodiE

    Front and rear skid plates from Voltage Hobbies

    The guys at Voltage Hobbies has front and rear skid plates that fit the Arrma Kraton, Talion, Typhon, Senton, and Outcast and made from 2.5mm thick 6061 aluminum. Looks nice @Voltage Hobbies! Check them out here.
  11. WoodiE

    RPM Rear Skid Plate for Arrma & Durango

    Last week RPM released a front bumper for the Kraton and now today they have announced a rear skid plate for the Arrma Kraton, Talion, Typhon, and Senton. Made from RPM RC's well known nylon blend that measures 4mm thick and right here in the USA. The RPM rear skid plate helps reduce wear and...
  12. Bopzta

    Outcast Outcast built to fly

    G'day fellas, a little bit about my build. Love launching the thing in the air, but I start to worry about its landing capabilities and weak points during touch down. Here's just afew things that I've done to help improve its performance. Custom made bits: aluminium servo mount, aluminium shock...
  13. WoodiE

    Senton Senton bumpers and skid plates from T-Bone Racing

    Looks like TBone Racing has six new items for the Arrma Senton: 10031- SC Racer front Bumper 10032- SC Basher Rear Bumper 10033- Front ASkids A-Arm Skid Plates 10034- SC Basher2 front Bumper 10035- XV4 Front Bumper 10036- XV4 Rear Bumper