smc racing

  1. K

    SMC and amps??

    So I've seen a lot of people recommending SMC batteries for Arrma vehicles all over the internet. However when I look at their website I get a little confused. For example, this battery: It states that the...
  2. ironhead79

    Issue with SMC battery

    Have 2 SMC 5200mah, 3s batteries for the kraton. They've been in storage mode for most of the winter 3.6v. They charged up just fine, no issues! Went and ran the car in a parking lot for about 1/2 hr 45min, when I pulled batteries out to put on storage mode , noticed that one of the cases is...
  3. Ehinojosa

    SMC 9200 mAh 6S Lipo

    Lady's and Gents if you have been wondering if the 6S 9200 mAh 90c from SMC would work in your Outcast, Kraton, Senton and Typhon? It will fit... but not by much in the Outcast and the Typhon body does not like how tall it is for the Typhon. In the Outcast It barely made it in to the front hold...
  4. Vanning

    Kraton I'm pretty excited

    I just placed an order for a few SMC Lipos. So far, so good. They are already on their way. The size, capacity and price is already something to be excited about.
  5. chalmene

    Kraton Kraton Battery, what is everyone using now?

    Ok, so I have pretty much convinced a buddy to get a Kraton as his next RC, and want to point him where to go as far as batteries. I've been running strictly SMC packs, but it looks like those are unavailable now? What packs are you guys running currently other than SMC, preferrably hardcase...
  6. Rdub

    Lipo Help

    Hey guys, hoping for some help out there. I won this on the forum giveaway, and I won't be using it until I convince Santa and the CFO that a new car under my Christmas tree is needed. Is this safe to store at these voltages until then? I read they should be no higher than 3.8 per cell to...
  7. WoodiE

    GIVEAWAY: SMC Racing True Spec Premium 14.8V 5200mAh 112Amps/90C LiPo

    GIVEAWAY IS OVER. THE WINNER OF THE SMC BATTERY IS: @Rdub is giving away a FREE SMC Racing True Spec Premium 4s 14.8V 5200mAh 112Amps/90C LiPo battery. GIVEAWAY: One lucky winner will win a brand new SMC Racing True Spec Premium 4s 14.8V 5200mAh 112Amps/90C LiPo battery and...