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Hey guys, hoping for some help out there. I won this on the forum giveaway, and I won't be using it until I convince Santa and the CFO that a new car under my Christmas tree is needed. Is this safe to store at these voltages until then? I read they should be no higher than 3.8 per cell to store. I will be picking up a LiPo bag on Friday as well to keep it in.
Maybe it's my "new to Lipo" fear, but I want to make sure I'm doing it right and keeping it safe!!
Discharge it if you have a way to. Most decent chargers can do this or just run it down in a vehicle. Not really a big deal truthfully but I know the feeling. Storing it in your fridge helps regardless of what voltage it is sitting at. Just let it warm up before charging or use.

@Rdub for storage you would typically want the voltage to be around 3.85 per cell so right now you're slightly over. I would discharge if you can as @Dustin Mustangs if you can, otherwise I wouldn't totally stress out about it.

I checked the cells yesterday, and with my meter they were all down to 3.92 already, so I'm not that concerned right now. Will they continue to slowly discharge over time?
that is a real nice battery, they all come with the voltage of each cell like that from the factory? I never placed a order from them but i have them in my fav
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