15.2 4s with spec160??

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I got sent these batteries mistakenly and ended up keeping them. I was gonna use them in my maxx but it seemed to make the car do weird stuff so I stopped. Now I want to try them on my spectrum 160 but a little nervous. I know it SHOULD be able to do it, but with the 8s vxl it seemed noticbly weird. So if anyone has real experience putting one 15.2v 4s on a spectrum 160 let me know if it works.

Your 4s battery on a spectrum 160 amp esc should be fine. It's rated for 6s.
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I have the 6s version of that battery that I run in my Typhon 6s and it works great.
The only thing you might need to do is adjust your voltage cutoff as the ESC might think you're trying to run a 5s pack. Sometimes the ESC won't recognize an LiHV pack properly and you have to manually adjust it.
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