Kraton 20c battery


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Hey guys, I have a 3s 5000mah battery laying here but that is a 20c. Is it OK run it in my Kraton?
It is not ok. The battery will not give enough and it will overheat/swell. I run 45C. That's the minimum for me.
Or use them parallel...
Then you will have enough amps.
But a Kraton on 3S?... makes no sense
I bought cheap-o batteries with only 35C, and I have issues with them. Running a castle monster x esc, but I have to leave the punch setting on low because it hesitates so bad above that. I personally would go with at least a 50C battery. My next ones are going to be 100C tho.
These be the ones incase anyone is interested. Should provide tons of runtime!
Same here. My next batterie will be 70C. My 45C batteries tend to get a little too hot when bashing on grass...