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I have for sale a few rcs, that have just been sitting and haven’t been used in over a year. Figured they might be of use to someone here on the forums.

If interested, please reply to this post and/or dm me and we’ll make it happen. Thanks for looking gents!

Traxxas Slash 2wd
Will come as an almost rtr roller with the following:

Hobby star 3660 2600kv 4s brushless motor, Leopard Hobby S8A 80amp 4s esc with XT90 plug, Traxxas 2056 servo, RPM green camber links front/rear, STRC green front brace bar, Traxxas green aluminum caster blocks, Traxxas green aluminum shock caps, Integy green springs front/rear. No body, no tx/rx, no tires. Asking $125 shipped.

Traxxas Stampede 2wd
Will come RTR, with the following:

Team Corally 3652 3500kv 3s brushless motor, Team Corally Kuron 60amp 3s esc with Traxxas plug, RPM rear blue a-arms, Traxxas red aluminum shock caps, Integy black springs front/rear, pink wheelie bar, Traxxas Alias ribbed front tires/Alias rear pin tires, Traxxas LEDs front/rear bumper, Traxxas TQ tx/rx, Custom painted blue/red Stampede body. Fully rtr with your lipo, asking $155 shipped.

Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4 electric converted
Will come as a roller, with the following:

Custom painted Traxxas Slayer chassis, painted black with a Fluoropolymer industrial application black paint, resists scuffs scraps better than normal paint, electric converted motor mount will accept 4074 size motors, custom made battery tray, upgraded Robinson Racing hardened steel transmission gears, Traxxas 17mm hex upgrade kit in blue color, Integy front/rear aluminum skid plates also painted black, Traxxas GTR silver springs front/blue rear, no tx/rx, no motor/esc, no tires, will come with unpainted body. Asking $170 shipped

Quanum Vandal 1/10 buggy
Will come as a roller with the following:

Buggy is completely stock, comes with body, tires, extra brand new diff for front/rear. No servo, no tx/rx, no motor/esc. Asking $50 shipped.

Any questions please ask













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Photos plz 🤷.we would all love to see what ya have ..a pic is worth a thousand words
Trying to add them, but when I select the photos nothing happens 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Photos plz 🤷.we would all love to see what ya have ..a pic is worth a thousand words

Had to restart my phone. Photos have been uploaded.
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