Typhon A Typhon maybe? šŸ¤”

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I may be trading a brand new Losi LMT King Sling for Typhoon 6s BLX. What are its weak points? Diffs? I have an extensively modded K6 EXB "Krajave" but I've never had a 6s BLX before.
Weakest point is probably the radio. At least the v4. My buggy has jumped 160ft+ In sand, ran tp motors, a 1717, and now a 1721 and one of the only still original parts is the front diff. Bone stock there were pretty beefy, my chassisā€™s would bend. Most my arms are still original too. Strongest 6s they make imo
I may be trading a brand new Losi LMT King Sling for Typhoon 6s BLX. What are its weak points? Diffs? I have an extensively modded K6 EXB "Krajave" but I've never had a 6s BLX before.
Basically The Typhon is lighter and has a SWB chassis. Much else is the same. Typhon has Open versus EXB LSD diffs. Will drive much differently. And the Typhon does not have a T2T brace. Won't fit a buggy body if you tried. And a SWB chassis Typhon won't bend as easily anyway without a T2T.
Otherwise RTR Typhon is basically the same as your EXB Kraton. Yours is on Steroids however.:giggle:
Think of the Typhon as a Notorious/OC SWB version of a Kraton just with the wide Kraton arms. Many ways to look at it.
I think everyone should at least have a 6s Typhon, and if you already have a stable of other Arrma 6s rigs.
If you have a nice area to run it - perfect! Gravel is cool. Sand not so as it's so low. Asphalt also nice to drive.
I run my Typhon 6s little due to lack of a cool spot. Mosts spots I drive suited for bigger tires due to sand.
6s on sand - pretty useless. Just can't get power to the ground with buggy tires. On gravel better.

Best on 4s in most areas. 6s is just too much power in most driving spots. Tires too narrow with too much power.
I like mine best on a long chassis.

Very durable car. Nice tuning options with little effort. Nice options with tires.

With Kraton hubs and MX28 for 4s. Perfect for flips on jumps due to the weight:



Kraton hubs with MX28 vs. Buggy tires with Typhon hubs:

Long chassis:


MX28hp (belted):

Pretty versatile with little effort.
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My TLRT drives on 4s. Wouldn't have it any other way. More well balanced with a 4s lipo. I get 58mph with it . I think that is plenty fast for most any terrain. Usually on a clay baseball infield. Around the bases etc. So speed is not imperative. Typhon is more for technical driving IMHO, as bashers go.
But yeah its really a Track based Buggy platform for more confined and groomed terrain. Why many use them for speed running on pavement. Slammed low it runs fast and planted on 6s. I feel for anything else, 6s is overpowered in the rough stuff. I never considered it a Big air rig at all.The KEXB is for the big air. The Typhon doesn't have a T2T brace. Can't fit with a Buggy body on it. So Really big air might get the best of the chassis.
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The deal I'm working on isn't going to happen but I've wanted one for a while. I really wanted a TLR roller but they disappeared. I am looking to find a trade for a roller and cash for my new King Sling.
Yeah Arrma just released the TLRT RTR, so the Roller is going bye bye unfortunatley.
You might just find the TLRT roller if you shop it hard. May be some left. Even Sitting in a LHS somewhere. I always felt it wasn't a big seller. Sad because I really like it as roller. Best deal going.


Just found the TLRT "Roller" on AMZ. $420. Not bad. Free shipping too.:giggle:
The RTR TLRT is not a good deal IMHO. HH just offing their Spektrum stuff on it. (n) Overpriced for the RTR one. HH is slowing down with selling Rollers in general. Like the EXB Mojave roller. It is discontinued. I think they lose $$ with the rollers???:unsure:

I would jump on it dude if that is what you really wanted. Seems AMZ bought tons of them. AMZ sold and fullfilled. Maybe you can get some AMZ discount as well.
Many other places don't have them anymore.

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