Kraton Bashing on Volcano ashes

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Hello everyone.
One of my possible bashing fields would be a my father-in-law's piece of land at 700mt on top of Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy).
The ashes are as thick as normal dirt, thicker than fine sand. But my concern is about the nature of the ashes quite high on metals that would eat through the plastic or even the metal of the car.

I'm thinking maybe it's not a good bashing-ground to go.
What do you think?

Thank you in advance.
Any type of carnage and bashing is well worth long as you catch it on camera. I just started with a GoPro Hero 5 so I can catch some footage. I need the headband/hat mount.

If it makes you feel any better....the sand here in NJ likes to eat into my bearings. But the sandy soil keeps the grass thin...better for low temps.

Just keep stuff cleaned up and maintained. Get a little air compressor to blow stuff off.

1/2 the fun is wrenching...I find it rewarding and relaxing. Plus it's something to talk about with you all.

Word of advice...if you are not busting stuff, you are not having enough fun. Soon you will have a more bullet proof rig as you live and learn. LOL
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Gotta find links to serious and thoroughly mantainance guides then...
Just going over bolts and blowing off the fine grit for general maintenance.

After a weekend of bashing...I put my vehicle on the bench and write on paper what I see needs to be done. When the wife isn't wonking at me...I go down in the man cave and try to complete a task off the next weekend, my rig is ready for another session. I'm a weekend basher and I take off in the winter. I can't afford too much devastation and carnage. I have to stay low key around the wife. LOL
LOL! I think I will have a very similar pattern!
BTW I still have to get to know how to notice low level of oil in shocks or diffs and how to refill them. I hope I will not make too much of damage in the meanwhile...
Last edited: will learn as you go. I'm trying to teach my son how to do his own RC repair....he does the most damage. Once I get him learning...I'll have more time. Plus !!!!!! he will stop his carnage a little, once he has to start fixing. Our favorite line to each other just after a major crash etc...."Who's paycheck is that coming out of." Or...."you better put that transmitter down for a while."
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