Notorious Charger Volts??

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My batteries are rated for 11.1Volts and are 3S batteries, but my charger says that there just over 12 volts when it’s done charging is that bad??
No, that's normal. 11.1V is the "nominal" voltage, for 3 cells, based on 3.7V/cell.

Fully-charged, a LiPo is at 4.2V/cell. So a 3S fully-charged pack is 12.6V.
Ok that makes sense, what’s nominal? And it’s not good to get the batt cells less than 3.7V?
If you check the cell voltages after driving, I'd say having them be at 3.7V is a good "target". Not below 3.6V, anyways, when you check them, or put them on the charger. Showing at or below 3.6V with a cell checker, or on the charger, means you're running them too-long, IMO.

The batteries will degrade more quickly, when you run them down too far. It's better for your battery investment to do a larger number of shallower discharges (like to 3.7V) than a fewer number of deep discharges (like to 3.5V with no load on the battery, like showing on the charger).

The nominal voltage could be thought of as an average voltage, for the purposes of figuring out the total stored energy in the battery. The voltage will start out higher (4.2V), and it will sag lower during use when under a load (say 3.4V). But using 3.7V is kind of representative of the "overall" output, if you want to call it that.
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