SOLD / FOUND Hobbywing 3665 3200kv


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My Grandaughter recently smoked the motor in herTyphoon ( grandpa probably geared it up a little much lol ). Money is beyond tight and I feel like sh*t for over gearing it, totally my fault. Anyway if anybody has one lying around at a good price, it would make one 11 year old girl beyond happy.
Thank You
I have a WL motor, I will give you if you can find out if it’ll work. It has a motor mount and pinion already on it. Let me know and I'll just ship it to you no charge.
Let me do some digging
Thank You!!! I'll get right back with you
Looked it up and unfortunately this is not compatible with her esc. or the batteries that she has. Thank you so much for.the offer, i really appreciate it.
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Hey @Fenwick17 can you post up a picture of the motor that burned?

Then we can help better 😀
We haven't pulled it yet, it's a hobbywing 3650 4000kv g3
Will that work or do I need to pull it?
Would definitely work but pathetically its just outta my price range
Oh wow, that is a nice newer setup too. I would definitely contact Hobbywing support (receipt or not) and see what help they offer. You might be surprised.

Also what happened (what went wrong)? Bad bearings? They are cheap, I would tear down further and investigate. Another thing, sometimes sensors fail, unplug the sensor lead (larger black plug). If there is a sensor problem it will work without it hooked up.

The motor @djrahbee has is actually brushless and would work with that ESC but I think it's too small of a can (not sure the size).
Thank You I will definitely do that. I'm gonna tear it down and investigate closely. I'm thinking something in the differential and I was trying to get her more speed and got pretty aggressive with the gear ratio.