Fireteam Huh , look what tire fits right on the FT !


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So sitting here working on my Losi SBR 2.0 and noticed the tires from it are very close in height to the FT tires .
I have not driven my FT yet , but I will definitely give these a try as I have them .




I kinda knew the SBR tires would be heavier as they are true beadlock wheels . I guess the good thing is they are meant for a 30lb truck !!! LOL


Those are sweet! Going to Jenny’s right now!
18g each so a total of 72g heavier .
Those are sweet! Going to Jenny’s right now!
Jennys doesn't carry anything for the SBR 2.0
Ebay , tires are $54 pair , wheels $32 pair , phew that's $172 for tires and wheels !!! I have not run my FT yet , now to wet here , soon !!!! I am really looking forward to trying these out now !!!
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Whoa! I think I’ll back track. But let us know how they go! They look fantastic.
Will do !!! It was just a coincidence I have them , can't say I'd run out to buy them . Keep an eye on ebay for maybe a good used set . The nice thing is that they are beadlock and easy to change tires !!!
It's ridiculous that they are that much , NTM a new body for the SBR 2.0 $140 !!!!
Rim material really plays a role in weight, doesn't it? And fullsize KA3's aren't known for their lightness either. Still, could be worse...
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