Tekno ET48 2.0

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Building my 3rd Tekno on the year ! Really liking their kits , as well as how they perform . This hobby is so addictive, watching some Truggies go around the track now has made me want to try one of those.
Being a Tekno , the electronics will literally unbolt out if the EB48 and go right into the ET48 . Will get more soon to put back into the buggy , but want to try this 2000kv in the Truggy to see if it works good .
Here is the build …..






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It’s an awesome rig. It’s one of the best in my fleet.👍 I went with Tekin in mine and love how it performs.

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I have the Tekin RX8 Gen3 ESC in my Tekno SCT410SL paired with the HW3660 4300kv motor , awesome setup !
But went with HW XR8 Plus for the 1/8 scale stuff as my lhs had as a kit and tuning to me is easier via program card or OBA wireless ( don’t have the Tekin tuner)
I can’t wait to try it !!!
Awesome paint job.
Thanks ! Nothing fancy like flames or stripes , but this has been my signature color on all my race rc’s . Duratrax Candy Orange .
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been wanting one of these for a few years now but keep been put off especially for a basher
Nice!!! Love the color! (y)
Finally drove the Tekno ET last night ! I was basically gonna run this truck on Saturdays to run laps and have fun with my friends who race the 1/8 dirt . It was the last Fri night dirt race of the year , and figured what the heck , so I threw a transponder and gave it a try ! Waaaaaay different from high grip carpet and turf !!! LOL
The truck is kit build , which is very good IMO , but as known , you talk to the racers there to get some input , and learned a few things to change on the truck for next time .
I didn't have high expectations but was pleasantly surprised first qualifier out that I was already middle of the pack !! Out of the 3 Mains , I qualified starting 7th out of 9 trucks B Main , 2 bumped up from the C Main , so now we had 11 trucks . I ended up finishing 6th ( and that's with a couple crashes and actually left the track once !!! LOL ) .
They got a kick out of me on the drivers stand cause I kept saying " this is like bashing with a finish line !!! LOL "
This part of RC is very fun and exciting , if you like bashing you'd love running wheel to wheel around this track !!!
And this Tekno did not disappoint !
Again , what an awesome facility RCM is !!


Took my ET to the track last night along with a few other rigs. The ET was awesome! Until it took a hard crash and servo took a dump.
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So after driving my friends ET48 which had the HW 7274 2250kv , well , motor change!!! Lol
As well as his drove better to , VRP check valve pistons going in ! And different springs to try out .




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