MAX10 SCT turning off... or something

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I have a slash 4x4 with a MAX10 SCT.

After driving it for around 5 minutes, it stops driving, but still steers. At first, I thought it might just be low voltage protection, but the batts were almost full. I also don't think it's thermal shutoff: the esc feels cool.

The way it shuts off is odd as well: you drive, and as soon as you get off the throttle, it stops working. It's not like regular thermal shutoff or low voltage protection, which usually turns power down before turning it off completely.

Any idea what this might be?
Esc fan working? If so, I would hard reset the esc. Recalibrate the throttle. Hope for the best. Looks for any connection shorts on the motor connections or the esc to the receiver.
Yes, check your bullet connectors and the connections from the ESC to the receiver. As mentioned, full system recalibration if you don’t find the culprit.
Turning the ESC off/on helps half the time, for some reason.

I'll try a full reset soon, thanks
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