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First post. I have an original Arrma Mojave. I noticed they aren't made anymore? Mine has the brushed motor, and the ATX300 radio. Also seems this forum doesn't get a lot of traffic :(

What is/was the difference between the Fury and the Mojave? I have also noticed the newer vehicles still have the TVP chassis, but my sideplates are silver, and metal.... the new ones appear black?

I originally won this in a drawing on BigSquid RC, I was deployed in Kuwait at the time, So I gave it to my Dad for Christmas in 2012. He played with it, I drove it when I came home from that deployment, and it has pretty much sat since. He just gave it to me this weekend, said he knows I still play, he jsut doesn't anymore, been busy and no time.

So.... Can I go brushless with it? I seem to remember that there were durability issues with the first ones, and that people were putting some other differential in them.

Also, can I bind the stock receiver to my FlySky GT3C radio? I seem to remember hearing they were compatible, but I really don't know.

Here is the announcement page from BSRC:

I picked an orange one.
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They aren't exactly the same. There were some changes between the chassis construction and the transmission between the pre 2014 models (like the Mojave) and the 2014+ models. It's true that they are very close but if you have an original Mojave you might need to look into some of the differential problems that existed back then. There is a 2013 spec diff rebuild kit that I think will take care of you... but I would suggest reading up a bit. Someone with an older model will chime in here with wisdom soon hopefully. I have the 2014 Granite BLS and can't comment first hand on what might need to be done with your diff.
is the stock diff really that bad? I have been driving on it hard this week, and no issues.... of course, it is brushed, and on nimh and only does 20 mph..... But I will say, it is more fun to drive than my HCG Slash/Stampede hybrid that is brushless and lipo powered and does 42 mph
What mods need to be done to the diff?

I had exactly the same orange 2011 model type Mojave with the crazy TX transmitter (with the ability to move the steering wheel for left or right hand driving)

within two 6000mAh 2S lipo charges the differential was broken beyond repair.

Later models, the 2013-2015 models (MEGA & BLX) were basically upgraded 2011 models, with some parts replaced. Among other a new diff.

I got the car replaced under warranty for a 2014 model. In despite also this diff gave up, but with the available repair/upgrade kit the diff is still holding strong, even with a power full 3520kV four pole motor on 2S.

I guess since the gearbox housing of the 2013-2015 model is equal to the 2011/2012 version, the better diff will fit.

I would strongly recommend to look into your car's manual in the back for the exact order numbers, and compare them with a MEGA or BLX 2013-2015 model manual, which is available on the internet (i guess even on the Arrma website)
I have a 2014 Mojave and have fitted a complete 2014 BLX gearbox and diff as the 2013 and before have different gearboxes. I have not heard of any issues with the 2014 box. I'm running Radient ESC and motor with a 3s to power, I have not had any issues with the gearbox or diff. A standard Mega/BLS gearbox lasted 5 minutes on tarmac before it blew up on me.
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