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Has anybody else out there in the rc hobby notice the changes going on with Arrma? First they seem to be discontinuing all the 1/5th models, which really sucks because the big models are cool and fun to play with! Also they have slashed all the prices on the Arrma vehicles! Maybe the rumor is true about the Arrma brand going bye bye! If that is true that sucks because all I have is Arrma vehicles but a couple of Losi vehicles. If the Arrma brand was to disappear where in the heck would all of us that own Arrma vehicles get replacement parts! That would be a bummer if the only place to get a 1/5 scale model is Losi and Traxxas! In my personal opion Losi is a good brand, and Traxxas is alright! I personally don’t care much for the Traxxas brand! But this all my opion on these brands, and hopefully just a rumor about the downfall of the Arrma brand.
Arrma is quite literally Horizon Hobby's largest seller. It would be a complete bone head move on their part to discontinue the Arrma brand. If I had to guess they are liquidating the old models and any overstock they currently have. I do see a lot of the lower selling vehicles being dropped but not the entire line.

HPI, MCD Racing, Kraken, Rovan, King motors and FS Racing all make 1/5th scale rc cars as well and I know there are a few more out there as well.
IF Arrma goes bye bye..
There's a Massive opportunity for someone to have designed and produced upgraded parts for their 3S, 4S,& 6S lineup of parts.

Just saying..
Yeah it seems unlikely the brand would go away entirely. Maybe a lineup refresh.
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