Nero w/HPI Charger Body

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I painted the body today after fitting and trimming. I left the rear wheel wells a bit larger instead of following the trim line. Once it cures I'll put the stickers on and post finished pics.


Simple but effective. Good job on the body!
Thank You Sir; Once I get the stickers on it and the R/T stripe on the back it'll look even better.
I just enjoy doing this stuff... I used the stock front mount and made a mount for the rear from a piece of aluminum across the rear mounts. 2 body clips and the aluminum mount comes off and the Nero body will fit right back on there.
I am really impressed at the detail of this body. This is my first body from HPI and I must say they did a great job on this. My only gripe would be to make it a bit thicker. Seems pretty thin in spots, but there's a fix for that... I was going to cut the side pipes off, but it would have been too short.



Sure will... Watching the weather for tomorrow. I did this for 2 reasons. I really don't think the green Nero body does the truck justice, not to mention it's expensive to replace. Second, I like old muscle cars and enjoy doing this stuff. Already thinking about which one next!
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