new arrma model?

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  1. Vorteks
My local hobbyshop told me that Arrma is soon coming up with another 1:8 scale rc car.
Does anybody know this is true or what kind a model this can be?
I've not heard any rumors... But if I had to guess, a few possibilities -

1 - They copy Thomas P and release a Super SWB MT - but that would make it a 1/10, not 1/8...

2 - They make a 2-a speed gearbox for the Nero, and call it a rock crawler.

3 - They give the Typhon the "XO-1" treatment and make a 100mph GT8 style road car.

IMHO, #3 is the most likely. Just need some compact shock towers, smaller spur gear, belted road tires, new body and done.
Arrma Triton would be a good name. Just make sure you heard that from ME.
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