For Sale NIB Losi 1/5 dbxl-e 2.0 4wd desert buggy rtr with Smart, Fox for sale

Just received mine from @joostin420.
Excellent lookin rig.
Thank you!
I drive the crap out of mine. People see it and say holy s*** that’s huge. Get chassis braces off tye jump and you’re going to crack your rims. If you’re looking for a sweet 1/5 scale? This is your huckleberry
Why is this still here? I sure wish I could have gotten mine for this price! Somebody buy this awesome, amazing machine. You’ll be shocked how much you love it.
Man.... I'd love to have it. Have the DB Pro, Lasernut.... promised no more rigs for 2023! Damn.....!
Put it on a credit card and don’t pay it off until 2024. Then you can easily justify it being your first RC purchase of 2024.
You‘re welcome. 👍
$999.00/ea. shipped within the contiguous united states.

Does this mean that for $999.00 it will show up at my home in FL

Just in case any are wondering.....many here can vouch for this guy - I have bought from him myself - I got the K8 EXB from him, complete, just like at a hobby store - shipped - for a great price - GREAT price

He's legit

If you are in the market - this is a good opportunity - got mine in NC 3 days after ordering- shipping included in the price quoted.