Seeking different weighted shock springs and sway bars for Arrma Talion.

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Benton, Ar
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I am searching for different weighted shock springs and sway bars for my Arrma Talion. I will be doing some backyard track racing in the coming month or so. I'm having trouble trying to locate any that are a viable option or even as a 3 pack F/R would be wonderful of different weights.
I was wondering if anyone has found something like this that they are using for their Talion and or Kraton?
I know its a heavy rig, not like the pro comp 1/8 truggies (Tekno, Associeated, Losi, etc..) and we're not racing like pro's, however I would like to have options to better tune it for handling..
The track is 50% technical cornering, 25% speeds, and 25% low height jumps, more or less a speed tech track, Med tack, semi loamy outside corners.