SOLD / FOUND Shark Detect Pro Self-Empty Robot Vacuum with NeverStuck Tech, Bagless Base Neutralizes Odors, Wifi - Black. Retail $655 with tax, selling for $300.


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Up for sale is a brand new Shark Detect Pro Self-Empty Robot Vacuum with NeverStuck Tech, HEPA Bagless Base Neutralizes Odors, ADV Object Detect, Wifi - Black. Model:RV2820AE. Retails for $599 (about $655 with tax), selling for $300 shipped to the lower 48 here in the USA. If interested pm me and we can go from there. Thank you


The Detect Pro robot vacuum is powered by 3 deep-cleaning technologies that enable the robot to maximize performance by sensing mess level, floor type, and edges & corners. DirtDetect sees even the hidden debris and automatically increases suction and cleaning passes to remove the mess on carpets and hardfloors. Now with NeverStuck technology, this robot will navigate around obstacles AND lift itself up and over thresholds and onto thick carpets. Not only can the robot deep clean, but you also do not have to worry about it getting stuck. Detect Pro finishes the cleaning mission every time and with each clean will empty itself into its bagless base that contains a HEPA Anti-Allergen Seal trapping dust & allergens inside. The odor neutralizer technology will also ensure the odor is trapped in the base for a fresher smelling home and making it the ultimate end to end solution for pet hair pick up.

3 Deep-Cleaning Technologies:

Three powerful cleaning technologies detect and react to hidden dirt, different floor types, and edges for up to 50% better debris pickup*. (*vs. Shark RV900S)

Won’t Get Stuck For Up To 2X More Coverage:

NeverStuck Technology ensures you don’t have to babysit your robot. It lifts & lowers to maneuver over obstacles, across thresholds, and easily avoid getting stuck (* Based on internal stuck protocol vs. Shark® RV750).

Senses The Dirt You Can’t See:

DirtDetect Technology senses dirtier areas and automatically boosts suction and vacuums in a figure eight pattern taking multiple passes until it detects no more dirt.

Cleans Edges And Corners:

Detect Pro does not miss a cleaning detail with Edgedetect. It uses blasts of air to pull debris out from corners and edges into its cleaning path delivering 50% better edge cleaning* (*vs. RV2600 with EdgeDetect turned off)

Maximized Performance On All Surfaces:

Shark’s Floor Detect Technology detects different surfaces and optimizes brushroll engagement with the floor to maximize cleaning performance based on the floor type.

HEPA Filtration And Odor Neutralizer:

Captures and traps 99.97%* of dust and allergens in the base (*down to .3 microns) keeping it out of the air you breathe. And with Odor Neutralizer technology, the base traps bad odors for a fresher smelling home**. (**vs. RV2820AE without Odor Neutralizer tech)

Holds 60 Days' Worth Of Dust & Debris:

Automatically empties into the bagless base after each clean. No additional disposal bag purchase necessary.

Advanced Object Detect & Avoid:

3D Object Detection enables the robot to see objects high or low to the ground so robot can detect objects in the cleaning path and move around or over them.

Controls Your Pet Hair Problems:

Powerful suction and self-cleaning brushroll are engineered to pick up more pet hair. After each cleaning the robot traps pet hair in the base with an Anti-Allergen Seal and neutralizes the odor.

Set Schedules, Clean On Demand, Target Clean:

Let the robot do the cleaning with your cleaning preferences via map editing, targeting spots, setting no go zones, and more.

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