Slicks, just for drifting?

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Hi every one and thanks for looking at my thread :)

What im wondering is apart from on drift cars what other use or surface would you use slick tires or tires with no tread? My thoughts on this would be that slicks are for wet conditions, or at least was in racing games i used to play but then tire theory says u need the tread to dispel the water from underneath the tire.

What are your thoughts/theories/facts on this?
Look at full scale vehicles for your answer. When do you see slicks on them? In extreme performance applications that are optimized to work in very controlled conditions. That would mean dry and clean pavement. Formula 1 is an interesting study on this as, unlike most other classes of motor sports, they race rain or shine. F1 is also considered the pinnacle of motor sports and generally speaking they utilize (actually develop) the most cutting edge technology available. Google a bit on their tire options, you will find a ton of info on it.
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