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I have a 3D printer that I got to print inserts for my boardgames, another hobby that sucks money too. Anyways, with the recent purchases of both a Typhon 3s and Big Rock I decided to check out Thingiverse to see what I can find to print stuff for either vehicle. Well, I printed a driveshaft protector for both and for the Big Rock I printed a shield for the front half of the tub that stops little rocks from getting into the tub. Small stuff, I know, I’ll print more or buy more when I break stuff.


Both look great. Rocks getting in the steering and the driveshaft on these 3s trucks is a big problem. I made 2 pieces of dense foam to fit under the ackerman plate and linkage to keep rocks out. You can burn up a servo pretty quick when a rock keeps your wheels turned, but you let the wheel on the TX return to neutral.
I also forgot to mention motor supports that I printed as well. The motor floats and has the potential of binding the gears when landing hard. There are two types of mounts, one that mounts straight up and down and the other allows the motor to be mounted at about a thirty degree angle. My Big Rock likes the straight up and down and the Typhon likes the thirty degree

The guy that made the driveshaft protector linked to a video on YouTube where the reviewer was talking about potential pitfalls he could see with the Big Rock so the guy made the protector because of what this reviewer’s concerns were. I have the YouTube link below:

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