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I've searched and can not find any more info other than factory pictures and part numbers. Does anyone have the rollbar set up installed on their vorteks? If so, any feedback would be greatly appreciated
are you searching to buy one? I'm sure you could always look on ebay
Ty for the quick reply! I've found them for sale on various pages. I'm more interested in how well they hold up and if they will fit the MEGA version that I have. I bought the truck for me and my 7 year old son to play with so it spends some time on the lid =D
they will probably work, I don't have one but I've seen people have it on their granites... sorry, but I did look on their website for the "option" parts and it is compatible with the vorteks. hope this helped :D

this is what you are looking for right?
This is what I found. It's more of a roll cage. Listed as a roll bar. The disassembled one is actual. The full cage is for reference


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hey, unfortunately I am unable to help with this... but I'm not even sure since I was not able to see the part on the vorteks mega "option" list


Btw it is discontinued so it probably won't work with it
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im not sure about this... they do change the design little by little on the newer vehicles even though they might look the same (aka the red tvps (2013) and the new tvps are slightly different))
im sure you can always ask hobbico or arrma on the phone
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